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A hall with many facets

Since April 1st, 2011 Mitsubishi Electric is the official name sponsor of the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE. For 40 years the popular and traditional Düsseldorfer event hall is the appropriate location for a variety of events. For concerts and readings as well as for sports and company events. Reconstructions and renovations gave the Mitsubishi Electric HALLE a new face. The face of Mitsubishi Electric.








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Mitsubishi Electric HALLE
Siegburger Str. 15
40591 Düsseldorf

T: +49 (0)211 77 50 57

Press contact

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
Niederlassung Deutschland
Alexandra Blechmann
Mitsubishi-Electric-Platz 1
40882 Ratingen
E-Mail: pr@meg.mee.com

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